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Welcome to CEFE

The mission of the Catholic Ecology Forum Europe (CEFE) would like to inform you about the environmental activities of the Catholic Church in Europe.


The web-site is an international project established upon the initiative of the delegates of the European Bishops' Conferences for the protection of nature who met during six consultations organized by CCEE.



The delegates' consultations took place in:

Namur, Belgium /03rd - 06th June 2004/


Wroclaw, Poland /15th - 18th May 2003/

Venice, Italy /23rd - 26th May 2002/

Badin, Slovakia /17th - 20th May 2001/

Bad Honnef, Germany /04th - 07th May 2000/

Celje, Slovenia /27th - 30th May 1999/



These meetings of the Bishop' Conferences have contributed considerably to a better exchange of information about the different activities, and completed or ongoing projects in the field of creation safeguarding throughout Europe.



The CCEE initiative has been a concrete response to the II. European Ecumenical Assembly in Graz (June 1997). We believe that this CEFE project will be also a successful contribution to the ecumenical cooperation.

The goal of the CEFE project is primarily to bring together existing information about environmental activities, to update this information database continuously, and to establish a network of institutions and organizations that can communicate via the CEFE internet web-site. We believe that in particular the Discussion Forum will be an excellent opportunity for fruitful exchanges of knowledge and experience and an inspiration for new ideas.

On behalf of the CEFE team, we would like to thank you for your input and advice.

 Prompted by the 1997 Second European Ecumenical Assembly in Graz, the Council of European Bishops Conferences has held a series of consultations on responsibility for creation in Europe. The main papers, the final documents of the meetings, with a brief introduction, are now collected in this CD in German, Italian and/or English and partly also in French. They will be of use for future reference in the environmental work of the Catholic Church in Europe, to do justice to the "ecological vocation" of all Christians (Pope John Paul II). They may also encourage sustainable lifestyles and actions to contribute to the construction of the future of Europe. They can as well be of help for an environmental education, which can be translated into concrete projects, in a cooperative and ecumenical style.






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